October 22, 2016


Last Saturday morning, Joe and I went out to brunch to celebrate our fifth dating anniversary! After reading about Mindy's Hot Chocolate (aka: Hot Chocolate Chicago) last winter, I decided that our anniversary was the perfect occasion for my favorite chocolate lover and I to pay it a visit.

We arrived to Wicker Park before our reservation so strolled around and stumbled upon the 606, a cool elevated walkway along an old train bed. (Think NYC's highline but with less art and more running and biking). Soon it was time to head to brunch and oh my gosh, it was amazing! The restaurant was lively, but not loud, it smelled like baked goods, and we were seated in a cozy little corner where we could take the whole scene in. After a long look at the menu (the waiter had to come back a few times, which isn't atypical for me), Joe went with the dark chocolate hot chocolate and apple cinnamon pancakes and I went with the milk chocolate hot chocolate and a homemade avocado toast bagel. The hot chocolate definitely wowed us. It was beyond decadent and like we were drinking bowls of melted chocolate! No complaints there though. And I did finish! Not even Joe could. Super proud moment on my part haha.

After brunch, we walked on the 606 again, both of us needing some fresh air and movement to stave off impending sugar crashes and found a comic book shop. I'd never been in one before but it reminded me of the one from The Simpson's. I don't know why, but it felt like we were in another era. We perused the selections for a bit, and then caught our train home.

October 21, 2016


Chicago was so pretty this week! It didn't feel like autumn until yesterday, but the leaves are starting to turn anyway. They're all so yellow and tiny. Between submitting job applications, I went on a few long lakefront walks to clear my head. They were so wonderful and just what I needed. Being within a ten minute walk of Lake Michigan might be my favorite thing about where Joe and I live and I have a feeling that these walks are only going to get prettier in the next few weeks

October 14, 2016

Five Years!

Today is my and Joe's five year dating anniversary! Five. Years. I realize that we're only in our mid-twenties and that it's not a wedding anniversary, but it makes me feel like we're getting old. Especially now that we live together. Time sure flies when you're having fun though. ;)

We're celebrating five years tonight by eating ice cream and watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and then heading to Mindy's Hot Chocolate for a brunch celebration tomorrow.

Because we're celebrating five years, here's a walk down memory lane with some favorite pictures from the past five years.






And here's to five more. 

October 12, 2016

Four Adirondack High Peaks


Hi there and happy Wednesday! I'm here today to share some pictures from the hiking trip I took the weekend before moving to Chicago.

My brother Dan and I had wanted to go hiking, but hadn't gotten around to making plans, so when my friend Mountain Goat reached out about hiking, it seemed like the perfect time to make some plans. In less than a week, the three of us had plans made and were on our way up to the Adirondacks late on a Friday evening. The following morning, we started our twenty mile hike over Mount Marcy (which I've hiked twice before), Haystack (which I hiked once before), as well as Basin, and Saddleback.

The morning was brilliantly sunny with comfortable temperatures. For the first six or seven miles, I was going at a brisk 3.5 mile per hour clip and the guys were moving even faster than me! By the time we got to the base of Marcy, clouds had rolled in and our pace began to slow to something more sustainable to take on the climb.

When we reached the summit of Marcy, we stopped briefly to take in the highest point of New York State before the wind got to be too much, and then continued toward Haystack. After Haystack we stopped for lunch, our legs all getting tired. As much as Mountain Goat and I hated to admit it, we knew were starting to lose the trail legs we worked so hard to build on the Appalachian Trail, just weeks earlier.

After lunch we continued on to Basin and Saddleback. We climbed up Basin to find a foggy summit. Then we made our way up Saddleback. I had been warned that it was one of the steeper climbs in the Adirondacks. I had initially brushed it off since my mom was the one the warning came from, but she was right. Saddleback had one serious ascent! It was a pure rock scramble with few spots to grab, but it was one of those times when harder equaled more fun (or that's how I felt about it anyway!). The three of us made it up to the sightless summit after lots of maneuvering, and then down the slides on the other side of the mountain.

We arrived into camp exhausted around 6:30, had a quick dinner, and all retired to our tents by 7:15. In my day-to-day life I can be such a night owl, but early bedtimes and being in tune with the rhythm of nature and falling asleep when the sun goes down is such a nice change. It's actually one of my favorite parts of hiking.

The following morning we woke up with the sun and only had a quick three mile hike out. Once in town, we gorged ourselves on breakfast at The Noonmark Diner and then were on our way home.

As for my quest to hike all 46 Adirondack High Peaks (those over 4000'), I'm now at 31. Given that I'm now in Chicago, it might be some time before I hike another, although I'm really hoping to try out some winter hiking in the Adirondacks this year, so you never know!

October 7, 2016

Currently - October 7, 2016

Because I'm all about sporadic updates and also because I've now been a Chicagoan for two weeks (!), here's what's currently going on with me.

Doing: Mostly applying to jobs and chilling, but also
  • Ramen date with Joe <3
  • Debate watching get-together + homemade pizza party with Joe's friends. (In case you're wondering...
  • My mom came to town for a quick visit to pick up the car I drove out to Chicago. We went out for deep dish and for a run. Short and savory, if you will. 
Eating: I started a Whole30 in the name of having a post-trail reset. I'm five days in, but so far, so good.

Exercising: I went to my first Nike+ Run Club on Wednesday. It was amazing!

  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Joe and I are on Season 3).
  • The Great British Bake Off 
Buying: Dr. Bronner's Soap. I don't know why I didn't do this forever ago, but now I am. A few trail friends got me hooked.

Listening To:
  • Alessia Cara ( Scars To Your Beautiful / I'm Yours / Seventeen ). She opened for Coldplay when I saw them this summer. She's seems so real and like such a positive influence. Just watch one of her music videos and you'll see what I mean!
  • Bon Iver's new album. I want to like it, but I'm not sure that I do. (Ask me again in a week.)
Drinking: Banana chocolate shakes!

Playing: Exploding Kittens

Reading: I finished The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer and just started A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson.

Have a good weekend, friends!